Exchange Standard Size BBQ/ Patio Heater MAX Propane Cylinder (4.6gal.) with In-Line Meter/Gauge


25% more propane with Propane-Delivered!

Best Value!  The in-line gas meter/gauge is included with this item.

**All exchanged tanks must meet our Safety and Quality standards for exchanging.  If a tank does not meet our Safety and Quality standards, we will be happy to recycle the tank for a $5.00 fee.


Want 25% more gas?  When Propane-Delivered exchanges your 20lbs. BBQ Tank or when you purchase a new 20lbs. BBQ tank, we give you a tank full with 20lbs.  Seems like it would be the industry standard, right?  Not always, typically when you exchange or buy a 20lbs. BBQ tank from a gas station, convenience store, or Big Box retail store, you are only getting a tank filled with 15lbs. of propane.  More propane in your bottle means less fill ups, you save time and money.

As of Jan. 2020 a minimum quantity of 2 tank is required for all residential deliveries.

**When exchanging, the filled tank you will receive may not be a new tank.  A safety check and functionality check will have been performed on the take to ensure its working properly. If it’s not, we’ll make sure you get a tank that is!