Residential Delivery Service

  • Want 25% more gas?  When Propane-Delivered exchanges your 20lbs. BBQ Tank or when you purchase a new 20lbs. BBQ tank, we give you a tank full with 20lbs.  Seems like it would be the industry standard, right?  Not always, typically when you exchange or buy a 20lbs. BBQ tank from a gas station, convenience store, or Big Box retail store, you are only getting a tank filled with 15lbs. of propane.  More propane in your bottle means less fill ups, you save time and money!
  • Propane-Delivered offers a wide variety of tanks and accessories.  From BBQ tanks, Patio Heater tanks, Larger Commercial tanks, gauges, covers, and grilling accessories, we have convenient delivery right to your doorstep. This is actually the sole purpose Propane-Delivered was created.  We are locally owned and operated which means you get superior customer service from someone who lives in your community.
  • Not sure what service, accessory, or tank size you need, Contact us today and we will glad to help.
  • As Jan. 2022 A minimum quantity of 2 BBQ size tanks are required for exchange or purchase for all Residential Deliveries.

**All exchanged tanks must meet our Safety and Quality standards for exchanging.  If a tank does not meet our Safety and Quality standards we will be happy to recycle the tank for a $5.00 or $10.00 fee.

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