Commercial Delivery Service

  • Propane-Delivered is here to meet your Commercial propane needs. We service a variety of Commercial customers in the Film Industry, Restaurant/Catering, Warehousing, Equipment Rental, and many other small businesses.
  • Want 25% more gas? When Propane-Delivered exchanges your 20lbs. BBQ Tank or when you purchase a new 20lbs. BBQ tank, we give you a tank full with 20lbs. Seems like it would be the industry standard, right? Not always, typically when you exchange or buy a 20lbs. BBQ tank from a gas station, convenience store, or Big Box retail store, you are only getting a tank filled with 15lbs. of propane. More propane in your bottle means less fill ups, you save time and money!
  • As of Jan. 2022 A minimum of 4 BBQ tanks or 2 Forklift tanks are required for exchange or purchase for all Commercial Deliveries.
  • Propane-Delivered offers a variety of tanks and accessories for delivery at competitive prices.

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  • Larger quantity truck delivered propane is available for your Commercial, Industrial, and residential needs.  Propane-Delivered has competitive pricing, contact us today to schedule a delivery.
  • Restaurants and Catering businesses can save time and cutting cost by having Propane-Delivered service your tanks. Keep your managers, bus boys, prep. cooks, chiefs, and other employees at your place of business to serve your customer needs.  Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and custom delivery service agreements are available.  Contact us today for a quote.



**All exchanged tanks must meet our Safety and Quality standards for exchanging.  If a tank does not meet our Safety and Quality standards we will be happy to recycle the tank for a $5.00 or $10.00 fee.