Not all Propane tanks are created equal! Propane Tank Exchange in Ventura County

Not all Propane tanks are created equal! Propane Tank Exchange in Ventura County.


A huge Propane industry learning occurred this week while servicing a new client. was called to a restaurant in the Calabasas area to bring out 5 full propane cylinders for exchange.  Upon arrival, I could clearly see that the propane tank service had been set up  by a competitor. Existing tanks were in simple wire rack cage and I could see immediately that the tanks were smaller than the Flame King Max propane tanks I had had brought for exchange.  The tanks were from a national Propane provider and the markings on the propane tank stated 16.6lbs. which filled is less than 4 gallons of propane. Compare that to the Flame King Max of 20lbs. and over 4.7 gallons of propane.  This means the restaurant is having to change out the cylinders more often and the delivery company is having to service the account more often.  I’m not sure if they charge a delivery fee but if they the do, that’s not cost efficient! Seems like another corporate cost cutting measure at the expense of the customer.

Another reason to choose Our tanks come with 25% more gas which saves you time! Less time exchanging tanks means more time with your customers, family and friends.  Most of the general public might not know but when you exchange a propane tank from a cage at a big box retail store, the tank is not filled all the way up.  When you get a propane tank  from it is filled all the way.  This is a good example of why customers should always consider local honest small businesses! Tanks can be ordered from, payment is made simple and secure by Paypal.